3 Main Principles of Interior Design

There are many important aspects when it comes to interior design.  However, the 3 main principles of interior decor are stated below.  Without following these 3 principles, your rooms may seem cluttered and unorganized.  Continue reading to find out what you need to know.

Function – You want to make clear what you want the function of your room to be.  Is it for eating, conversation, watching tv?  Then, according to the function of the room, purchase your furniture accordingly.  For conversation or lounging, make sure to have comfortable sofas or chairs.  If it’s for entertaining or watching tv, make sure you have enough couches to seat everyone.  The function of the room is the most important aspect.

roomMood – You want your room to reflect the type of mood you’re in.  If it’s a kitchen space, the mood should be bright.  Consider painting it a bright colour like yellow or green to liven the mood up.  Mood depends greatly on the colour scheme of the room.  If you want a lived in basement mood, then paint the walls a burnt orange or even a dark red.

Personality – Every home is different and individualized based on the personality that designed the rooms.  You want your home to reflect how you feel and what you think.  By being original and unique, you will ensure that every room fits your personality.  It will also show your guests how inspired you are just by being yourself.