Custom-Built Modular Homes that are Sustainable from the Ground-Up

Modular home builders are leading the charge towards environmentally-sustainable housing practices. By minimizing waste, using recyclable materials and incorporating energy-saving features, these homes demonstrate that sustainability can exist harmoniously with great design.

1. 100% Recyclable Solar House

Designed by Studio Arthur Casas and built by SysHaus (both based in Basil), this modular residence has a ton of features that minimize its impact on the environment. The home incorporates the growing trends of solar roof tiles and a green roof, and the bones are made from 100%-recyclable materials. It also has a rainwater reuse system and an organic waste disposal system that turns garbage into useable fuel.

Believe it or not, this entire home – which looks no different from a site-built modern home – was constructed indoors in a month and erected on-site in just two days. That’s the magic of modular construction.

2. Net Zero Country Home

Net Zero homes produce as much energy (and in some cases more) than they consume – an impressive feat for a structure boasting over a thousand square feet of liveable space. This home design from Kaplan Thompson achieves a traditional, country home style with the benefits of energy-efficient, modular construction.

By minimizing its energy consumption through sustainable design and energy-efficient appliances, the design offers homeowners the choice of living off-grid or contributing back to the grid through renewable energy sources.

3. Custom-Built Modular Homes

This Ontario home builder designs and builds custom-build modular homes that incorporate a long list of sustainable features, including high-efficiency insulation, tightly-sealed windows, doors and building envelope, and renewable wood construction.

The truly remarkable thing is that these homes are made to look exactly like a traditional stick-built house – meaning they fit seamlessly into an existing neighborhood, quietly conserving energy through energy-efficient building practices.

4. Ultra-Modern House with Safe & Sustainable Materials

For this sleek, modern home, Australian builder EcoLiv wanted to go beyond eco-sustainability and build a house using materials that were good for people, too. To this end, they minimized the use of traditional building materials that are known to emit harmful volatile organic compounds – plywood, MDF, and particleboard. The award-winning house also incorporates a vertical garden, greywater recycling feature, grid-connected solar system, high-efficiency appliances and electric car charging point.