New Tech Utilizes Wi-Fi To Count Individuals Through Walls

Another strategy proposed by UCSB researchers has empowered group checking through dividers utilizing just WiFi.

The framework, made by researchers at UC Santa Clause Barbara, utilizes a solitary Wi-Fi router outside of the space to quantify constriction and signal drops.

The transmitter sends a remote flag whose received signal strength (RSSI) is estimated by the collector. Utilizing just such got flag control estimations, the collector appraises what number of individuals are inside the room — a gauge that intently coordinates the real number. It is critical that the analysts don’t do any earlier estimations or adjustment in the territory of intrigue; their methodology has just a short alignment stage that need not be done in a similar region.

This implies you could essentially stroll up to a divider and press a catch to check, with a high level of precision, what number of individuals are strolling near. The framework can make the grade regarding 20 individuals in its present shape.

The framework utilizes a numerical model to “see” individuals in the room in light of flag quality and lessening. The framework utilizes off-the-rack parts and they’ve tried it in numerous areas and found that their aggregate exactness is two individuals or less with just a single Wi-Fi gadget adjacent.

Bodies and questions basically ingest Wi-Fi as they move around in rooms, enabling the framework to discover discrete things in the space. Unfortunately, it can’t yet outline position in the room, an element that could be significantly more accommodating later on.

Can you imagine that this new found tech can be used for future purposes? Like counting in the airport or let just say population all over the world. This innovative method can simplify gathering information. Is it good or bad? What do you guys think?

The Dos and Don’ts of Basement Storage

Hopefully your basement is better organized than this government warehouse in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Courtesy Paramount.

Have you ever had a flood in your basement? So many of us rely on our basements for storage that such an event can be disastrous. We often move things downstairs to make room upstairs, eventually forgetting that we even owned the items in question. So, along with the things that matter are quite a few that we should have parted with a long time ago.

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution every homeowner should undertake: clean out the basement. Once that task is accomplished, here is a list of things that should never go back down there:


We often put old TVs, radios, and computers downstairs to get them out of the way. However, if you want to ensure they are functional at some point in the future, this is a bad idea. Moisture and heat will combine to take a toll, so unless you have consistent temperature and humidity in the basement, put electronics somewhere else or donate them.


As we mentioned, a basement flood can ruin many precious things. Some of those can be replaced, while others are much more difficult. Important papers may be the only form of documentation you have for some notable matters; if they’re lost, it could cause you considerable trouble. At the very least, prolonged heat exposure can cause paper to yellow and warp. Keep them upstairs or, better yet, in a safety deposit box.


Certain fabrics do not do well outside of a controlled environment. Delicates, in particular, can easily fall prey to mold, as well as other basement threats, such as moths, mice, and other vermin.


These will be reduced to lumps of messy wax if left in a hot basement. Unless you make weird art pieces, don’t put them downstairs.

Natural Wood and Musical Instruments

Moisture can really wreak havoc on these. Instruments can no longer be used if they are warped, reducing expensive guitars and violins to useless junk.

Puting the basement on your to do cleaning list is a great way to keep things organized on a regular basis. This helps to ensure that everything precious remains intact and your basement is clean and organized at all times.