Important Criteria To Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

There are many adjustments you can do to make your living room, bedroom, or whatever room you want to look bigger and brighter.  Many of the adjustments have to do with the colour of the room as well as where you place your furniture.

ceilingA very creative way to make your room look bigger is to paint the ceiling of your room.  Having the ceiling catch your eye will make the room seem taller and grander.  If you need help painting the ceiling, check out this painting company Toronto.  While painting your ceiling may make your room look bigger, you have to make sure to use the correct colour.  Light colours reflect light, thereby creating a sense of largeness within a cramped or small room.  To go even further, you could make your flooring a light colour as well.

One of the worst mistakes that you can make in a tiny room is pushing all the furniture against the wall.  This makes the room feel more cramped than it already is.  Instead, push your larger pieces of furniture out and away from the wall to create more space in between the furniture and the wall.  It will help make the space seem more open.  Put a slim table behind a large couch for added convenience or design to keep it away from the wall.

A cool and unique way to store things is having them up on a shelf close to the ceiling.  For example, create a bookshelf close to the top of the ceiling to draw your eyes towards the top of the room.  This is similar to painting the ceiling effect.  By drawing your eyes up to the top of the room, it will seem taller, and you’ll also have created for yourself some great storage space!

Instead of purchasing lots of tiny furniture, a great way to furnish your room is to have big accent pieces like an oversized couch.  This will make your room feel less cluttered as well as giving you the comfort of a big couch.

Another way to elongate your room is to paint on stripes going up and down the way you want to your room to stretch.  For example, a vertical striped wall will make your room feel tall and elongated, while a striped carpet may make your room feel wider.  However, make sure you don’t overdo it!  If you need help for designing, these house painters in Toronto are a great way to go.

So there you have it!  Some tips for making your room look and feel bigger without actually having to move the walls!